Jamba Juice


Jamba Juice was founded in California in 1990, out of a vision to inspire and simplify healthy living; Jamba Juice is a leading destination for better-for-you specialty beverages and food offerings.  These offerings are great tasting, whole fruit and veggie smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and juice blends, and a variety of food items including energy bowls, healthy wraps and snacks. 


Jamba Juice products are made with high-quality, good-for-you ingredients such as real, whole fruits and veggies that nourish the body with natural energy and support a healthy, active lifestyle.  Jamba Juice products do not contain artificial flavors or colours, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, or trans-fat.  Jamba Juice is the #1 smoothie brand is the United States.   


Our Brand Positioning is “Have A Fruitful Day”

The idea is to put “Healthy Living” at the center of everything we do “And we wish the same for everyone”

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