MBT inventor Karl Müller presents the kyBoot, a first in the world of shoes.

In 1996 engineer Karl Müller invented the MBT shoe, revolutionizing the shoe industry with its "rolling sole". Now, with the kyBoot's 'walk on air' principle, Müller is going a step further. What makes Karl Müller's latest shoe invention so unique?

From the rolling shoe to the 'walk on air'

The kyBoot's soft, supple sole was to have been the next MBT generation. However, as his partners preferred to remain with the round sole, in 2006 Karl Müller parted company with MBT on good terms. The result of this development was a new brand, the kyBoot.

The kyBoot compared with MBT

Learning an unaccustomed walking technique, as wearers did in the MBT, is a thing of the past. Today you slip on the kyBoot and immediately experience the unique 'walking on air' feeling. "In the kyBoot, you don't walk: you float. The 'walking on air' feeling is unique", explains Karl Müller. Every step momentarily launches you into weightlessness. The special feature is the soft, supple air cushion. You can immediately feel how well it absorbs shocks and adapts perfectly to your feet. Whether you are on a hike, a walk or a city break, kyBoots are so comfortable to wear that you’ll never want to take them off.




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