Yas Mall

Yasalam - Mini Urban Art Zone


10 November-11 November 2016

Urban Art Zone at Yas Mall – 10 and 11 November

Following a number of successful years as part of Live on the Corniche, the celebrated Urban Art Zone is expanding to give the community an experience in bringing creativity to everyday life. Extending the artistry and culture at Yas Mall will be piano painting with a local artist after which talented musicians will get behind the keys for a unique entertainment experience. The installment will take place on Thursday, 10 November and Friday, 11 November from 2pm-10pm.



Activation Date Location Activity
Mini Urban Art Zone  10- 11 November 2016

02:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Italian BLVD 1. Urban Piano: Baby grand piano & bench, painted by locally based artist. The Piano is played by a pianist and painted simultaneously to provide a winning live art installation. The piano installation remains in the mall until November 16.

2. Calligraffiti & Vinyl toys: Arab artist will personalized various items by creative calligraphy. Kids Choose a small vinyl toy (robot, bear, car, money box) to paint & decorate with stickers & markers.

3. Flash it: Flash tattoos (similar to henna) in white, gold, silver, black and accent colours, with added metallic or neon crystals.

4. Origami workshop: Sheets printed with graffiti, mashrabiya and henna designs. Artists teach to make an origami shape. Origami designs are hung around the area.






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